Saturday, November 28, 2009

Stirred not shaken


Generally made of plastic, glass, sometimes metal, swizzle sticks are part of objects which are collected from bars.

Next to bottle openers, ashtrays, glass, swizzle sticks have attracted collectors since their creation. I'm sure we all have a few stashed away somewhere in a junk drawer.

Ordinarily swizzle sticks bear a brand logo, they are an ideal advertising medium for big companies. Indeed swizzle sticks bear brand or place colors. Whether for alcoholic beverages (whisky, gin, vodka, rum, etc...), soft drinks (cokes, water, fruit juice, syrups, etc...), cigarettes, air or cruise companies, or even places like bars, restaurants, casinos, discos, etc..., well all of them have their own swizzle sticks.
Here are some of my favorites...



  1. Hey there. I'm back from my blogging vacation. I hope you had a great week and weekend. I enjoyed myself this Thanksgiving holiday. I did miss your blog. Take care. Have a fantastic week ahead. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Keith,You were missed ;)
    Hope your holiday was fantastic !